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I have done lots of Sathipathana meditation in Thailand back in 1975-1976 under the auspicious guidance of the great Achan Budddhadasa. This point of time with the second wave of Covid 19, it will be very beneficial to practice Sathipathana - real and true mindfulness taught by the Lord Buddha for the propose of calmness and deep inner peace and reaching eternal bliss of Nibanna ( Nirvana ) as they say according Theravadin Buddhism.


I will lead sitting meditation for 20 -30 minute and walking meditation for 10 minute then teaching for 45 minute or little longer !  Everyone is welcome to meditate with me and join me. Please spread the word.


Lama Thubten Yeshe used to say we don't live on the moon!


There are always costs so your donations are most welcome. 



(Long life happiness and beauty)

 ~ Zasep Rinpoche ​


Dear  Dharma students and Spiritual friends, 


Greetings and Tashi Delek! We used to have Sunday morning meditation, but since Covid came we closed the temple, no group meditation, Pujas and so on.  As you know I have been teaching via  Youtube. 


Now I would like to resume Sunday morning meditation 10:30-12 pm PT / 1:30-3pm ET Starting Sunday the October 4th I will teach mindfulness meditation starting  with Anapanasathi - mindfulness of breath then mindfulness of body and so on.

OH of course I will teach Lo Jong at 2:pm BC time on Sunday as well !! 

Information to join

the Zoom group:

Sharon Gretzinger will continue leading Medicine Buddha Practice Wednesdays at 7:00pm and and Black Manjushri on Saturday’s 9-10am, both sessions via Zoom.


If you would like to join in, please call her beforehand at 604 708-9081. Note that both Medicine Buddha and Black Manjushri are open to all, no initiation required.

Guru Puja Tsog

The tsog offering is very important for renewing commitments and averting obstacles. It is a special method through which we come under the care and guidance of the Dakas and Dakinis who bestow realizations. Our wealth, merit, and great bliss will increase through this practice. It is especially important for practitioners of Highest Yoga Tantra and equally important for those that aspire to practice Tantra. The tsog offering is also a great opportunity for community to come together and enjoy this wonderful practice and also to share in the offering food.

Zuru Ling Tibetan Buddhist Society

#318 - 336 EAST 1ST AVE


(DOOR #057)


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